Worldwide Photo-Walk 2014


Over on Scott Kelby’s blog – Photoshop Insider, Scott has announced this year’s annual Photo-walk. You can read all about it by reading this post.

After a hiatus of a couple of years we had one in Lincoln last year run by Neil Mallett. Neil did an amazing job trying to coral the 24 participants on this Photo Walk. I wonder if he will volunteer to run this again for 2014?

I am thinking that I might give it a miss this year, I have been on every Lincoln Photo-walk so far and apart from a couple of good shots back in 2011 (on a Panasonic GF1 with 20mm lens) 1 have not had anything I would consider a great photograph since then:

Lincoln's Water Tower

Lincoln’s Water Tower

The trouble is I turn from being a photographer into a snapshot person, however I occaionally find a photo that I like, I tend to take shots of inanimate objects:

Gates inside Lincoln Cathedral

Gates inside Lincoln Cathedral

For me a photo-walk is too much like Street Photography and although I am constantly amazed at what I see in Lincoln from the beautiful to the bazaar I have a problem taking a picture of it. I have read many articles about how to “overcome the fear” but plain and simple you have to get out there, get over it an just take the shot. It sounds simple but for me it isn’t!

However, I could change my mind about the photo-walk. Assuming that there is one in Lincoln this year I’ll see where the route is and then decide. 🙂