Photokina, Apple and Rumours

I haven’t been blogging much over the last couple of weeks for a number of reasons; however I do have a few new posts pending. This post is about a number of things that are all happening in the next few weeks.

On September 9th Apple are having their yearly iPhone/iOS release announcement and unusually they have moved this to a larger venue than previous announcements: the Flint Center for the Performing Arts at De Anza College in Cupertino. This is the same location where Steve Jobs introduced the original Mac 30 years ago.

Nothing is known for sure but the rumours sites are very accurate a few days before the official announcement .


What will be released? The iPhone 6 and iOS8 announcements with dates, prices and specifications are almost a certainty. After this it gets a bit murky.

We have been hearing about larger iPhones a lot and the sites tend to agree that we’ll be getting a slightly larger iPhone as well as a new much larger iPhone too – the larger model will be around the same size as some of the new flagship Android models. The top capacity will rise to 128GB (not sure if this will be on both models or just the larger one).

There’s also talk of the “iWatch” too and there are a lot of rumours about this.

Finally, we have the larger 12” iPad and new iPad announcements to come but these are usually part of a separate announcement sometime in October.

I like to watch the Apple announcements without knowing for sure what will be announced so I have to stop viewing the various rumour sites and steer clear of the forums too. If there is no live video stream I also have to steer clear of the official sites after the announcement. At this point I keep an eye out for the apple video stream on their “Events” site here.

Photokina 2014

Every two years (including this year) there is a very large Photographic show in Germany called “Photokina”, this year it runs from 16th to 21st September and will be based in Cologne. You can visit the official home page by clicking here.

All of the photographic based companies and manufacturers will be there and a number of announcements and releases are expected to be unveiled. Typically these are announced before the show starts so that everyone can go and see the new stuff.

So far Sony have announced some f their new items (the Sony A5100 is one of these), Fuji have announced their X30 and a few other small announcements have been made.

Fuji X-30B-Front2.
Fuji are also expected to announce their X100s replacement and the specification for this seems to vary daily, the latest suggested specifications sound quite limited to me (so are probably true).

There has been no announcement from the big boys (Canon and Nikon) so far although the usual suggestions of the EOS 7D and EF100-400 replacements have resurfaced for Canon and the true D700 replacement (D710 or D750?) has also been rumoured too. Canon and/or Nikon may surprise us all but we’ll have to wait and see.

From the Micro-Four-Thirds manufacturers we are expecting nothing really ground-breaking, there is expected to be a major firmware update for the Olympus OMD EM-1 and the Panasonic GH4. We are also expecting a few already announced lenses to be available. The Panasonic 150mm f2.8 OIS lens sounds interesting but the price will be key if this lens is to sell in reasonable numbers. I would much prefer a 300mm or 400mm lens as this would finally give MFT owners a real telephoto lens (these give the same 35mm FOV of a 600 and an 800mm lens).

Panasonic are also expected to announce an update to the very popular (and tiny) GM1, the GM5 (what happened to the GM2, M3 and GM4?). This will have an EVF and provide some in-body-stabilisation – not sure how good this will be but will hopefully be an improvement over theGX-7 and if it works during video recording even better.

I have also hear of a compact camera with a MFT sensor from Panasonic a bit like a smaller brother to the rather good FZ1000, this will be called the FZ100 and it is rumoured that it will have 4K video too.

Finally, Samsung are making a lot of noise about their new camera the NX1, from the rumoured specifications this sounds a very good camera. If they get the marketing right they might actually sell a reasonable number of them, they have some very good glass now I am just not sure if they really believe in this market. Samsung have a habit of spraying s lot of stuff all over the place to see what sticks – this doesn’t work in the Photographic market. Photographers want some commitment from the supplier and Samsung have so far not shown this; getting some professional photographers on board always helps too as they can be evangelists to the system.

So there is a lot of new stuff coming at both Photokina and from Apple, but until they take place we won’t know for sure what they will be; it certainly will be an exciting two weeks.