New Computer – Part2

Backup Strategy
In addition to the iMac I also purchased two LaCie Drives to help with my Backup strategy:

  • LaCie 4TB P`9233 Desktop Drive – USB3
  • LaCie 8TB 2big Thunderbolt RAID Hard Drive

The 4TB drive is dedicated to “Time Machine” on the iMac and will back up all of the data on the iMac automatically as well as providing recovery of any files I accidentally delete or overwrite. The other drive came configured as a RAID 0 striped drive which will be very fast but at the possible expense of ALL of the data if EITHER drive fails – some call this scary-RAID.


I changed this to a RAID 1 Mirror set using the built in tools of the MAC OSX system. This halves the capacity to 4TB and will not be as fast either but will protect the data if one of the drives fails. This dive is dedicated to storing my RAW files and Video files that I have accumulated over the years. The Jpg files are stored in iPhoto on the iMac and the music and films are stored in iTunes also on the iMac (and hence are backed up to via Time Machine).

I also have a 2TB USB3 portable Western Digital drive that I will install carbon copy onto to provide a remote backup option and I will also ensure that a copy of my RAW files are also on the drive. This drive will be usually be located off-site. I intend to add another one of these drives configured in the same manner and then alternate them between home and work as the need arises.

iCloud Drive Icon

Once Apple sort out the iCloud Drive I will store anything here that makes sense (i.e. documents, some photos, etc.). I also have access to 1TB+ of OneDrive space and a reasonable amount of Drop Box space too.


On the subject of cloud storage, I also have over 1 TB of OneDrive storage thanks to my Office subscription, some Dropbox storage, some flickr storage and some Adobe storage too.

I haven’t really decide on how to make best use of the cloud storage options open to me, I really want to see what Apple offer first, having a Mac will probably mean that Apple’s storage options will be best for me – we’ll just have to wait and see. We might find out more about this tonight (6PM UK time) during Apple’s presentation which will almost certainly talk about the new iPhone and iOS8 but could also go through other Apple offerings too (Yosemite? iCloud Drive?).