New Computer – Part3

Software, drivers and data

I am fortunate that most of the software that I use is cross-platform so getting MS Office and Adobe Photoshop/Lightroom installed was really easy.


Adobe Lightroom had to be told where its RAW files were which I kind of expected and then following a few must have preference changes now works OK. All of my plugins (MAC versions now) were installed without issue.

After copying across my iTunes library and repointing the software to the local iTunes folder everything was fine. Once this was authorised (which I had to twice for some reason) the Apple TV downstairs carried on working without issue.


I had a backup of iPhoto from the last time that I used it, this needed updating to the latest version and then I imported all of the missing JPG files. Apart from a few issues with some of the video files this worked very well and I even updated the Faces data too. I’m intrigued how this will alter when Apple launces their new photo app for the Mac next year – I suspect that it will have very strong ties to the cloud solution.

I even had a few apps purchased some time ago waiting on the Mac App store that I re-installed, this is a brilliant feature and when purchasing software is where I always start.

So what’s missing and did anything not go so well?

Apart from the external monitor issue there have been very few problems.

The multi-function Canon printer/scanner that I have was more difficult to install than I remember from previous experiences – this is partly due to the fact that Canon just presents the latest files on their network with no detail on which ones you need and what the best order to install them is. I know I could have used the installation disc that came with the printer but the drivers on there will be quite old now.

I also had a problem with my bookmarks too, they disappeared, reappeared and then more than 50% of them lost their favicons. I tracked this down to the fact that on the PC I had linked Google Chrome to the Bookmarks feature – disabling then removing the plugin seems to have fixed this.

I also haven’t fully decided on what to do regarding a finance application yet, I could use Money dance that I was using on the PC but this means installing Java which I would rather not use.

Although this is a fast Mac there are a few games that I will not be able to use as they are not cross platform, however the PC is not leaving the house so I will be able to use this for the odd game when needed.

Fortunately for me, Diablo III is cross platform so is already installed on the Mac ready to play; I will also install Steam and see what is available on the Mac platform too.