iPhone 6 pre-order day madness

As advertised by Apple, today (Friday 12th September) is the first day that you can pre-order your iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus.

Next week on Friday 17th September you will be able to actually purchase your phone. Those who have pre-ordered their phone will be able to collect them on that day; whether they are sent out before the 17th for any on-line orders so that they arrive on the day is unknown.

And as expected (like every year) the UK phone provider sites are struggling to keep up with the frenzy that is now ensuing.

The EE site was totally unresponsive from 8:00 am this morning and although I can now get to the penultimate page in pre-ordering the phone I cannot get all of the way through to find out what there “in-contract” phones cost instead you get the under maintenance page.

The O2 site is now back up bad gives up if you click on the pre-order iPhone 6 link.

The Apple site is now up and gives you the standalone price of the phone, to recap these are:

  • iPhone 6 with 16GB: £539
  • iPhone 6 with 64GB: £619
  • iPhone 6 with 128GB: £699
  • iPhone 6 Plus with 16GB: £619
  • iPhone 6 Plus with 64GB: £699
  • iPhone 6 Plus with 128GB: £789

Strangely Vodafone have managed their demand and at the time of creation of this post you can select any of their iPhone 6’s in any size, colour and capacity. I have managed to get all of the way through and the iPhone 6 plus with 128GB isn’t as expensive as I thought it would be if you pick one of their Red 4G contracts:
Vodafone 4G-2

This is more than I am paying now but not excessively more and the Red contract prices are fixed for the initial term of the contract. So for the first 2 years it won’t go up but could after this time but at that point you’ll be looking at a new phone or a lower cost contract anyway.


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