Mirror-less Camera Bags?

This morning I noticed that DPReview had an article about some new bags that were recentley announced by Think Tank; these are targeted at Mirror-less system owners. I was particularly interested in the “Perception” series, you can read about them on Think Tank’s website here.

I like the fact that we have 3 sizes depending upon whether you want to hold a tablet/iPad or a laptop and we have “Taupe” as well as the default “black” colour schemes. When researching bags I usually start with the middle size and then depending on how big it is and how much it can hold down-size or up-size if required, so in this case I looked at the Perception 15 (in Taupe):

Unfortunately the mid-size doesn’t seem to hold a lot of camera gear, a body (with small lens) and another small lens. Is that it?

So I looked at the Perception Pro model, this does hold more than the Perfection:


Although the picture shows an Olympus MFT kit, the literature states that the bag can hold:

  • Sony A7 with 24ā€“70mm f/4 ZA attached (hood reversed)
  • 70ā€“200mm f/4
  • 35mm f/2.8
  • 55mm f/1.8 ZA
  • F60M flash

But considering the size (29cm W x 48cm H x 20cm D) of this 1.3kg bag, this isn’t a whole lot more. However, its really a moot point at the moment as they aren’t available yet and there are no videos to see at the moment either. Unlike when they were first produced, we can get Think Tank bags in the UK but there are only a few places that hold them in stock so getting to see them isn’t easy and when getting bags I would rather see them first.

Although we will have Tamrac and Lowepro bags at the Photo and Optics show tomorrow I don’t think that Think Tank (no pun intended) will be there. I will have to wait for “The Photography Show” at Birmingham NEC in March next year, as every bag manufacturer under the sun will be there.

I also took the opportunuty this morning to have a look at the Tamrac and Lowepro bags as they will have representation at the show and like every bag manufacturer they don’t “get” what a mirror-less camera system bag should be. They have tons of bags for a small mirror-less camera with one or two lenses but there still isn’t one for anyone with a system consisting of multiple lenses. Every pro photographer that I am aware of and who advertises what they use are using full-size DSLR bags for their systems – can anyone sort this out?

I will look at the bag selection at the show tomorrow to see if there exists a usable bag, I would like one to hold the OM-D EM-1with grip and 12-40 f2.8 fitted with space for the 40-150mm f2.8 and about 3 or 4 smaller lenses (25mm, 60mm macro, 17mm and 75mm); space for a single flashgun would be good and the bag MUST have space for an iPad as well as the usual batteries, cables and memory card holder).

If I don’t get one tomorrow I might wait and see if the largest Perception bag is suitable; that is if I can find someone who has these in stock and willing to let me try my kit in there too.