Firmware updates update

M.Zuikio 60mm f2.8 Macro Lens

I received my Olympus M.Zuiko 60mm f2.8 macro lens this morning (more to come about the lens in a later post) and one of the first things I checked was the firmware version. Unfortunately it was v1.0 and not v1.1 so it will need to be updated; I guess it must have been in stock for a while.

So now I have two items that will need firmware updates; the OM-D E-M1 needs to have v2.1 installed too which is now available on the Olympus UK site.

Details on how to install the updates can be found here. Unlike most camera company’s firmware updates they have to be installed via software with the camera connected to a PC or MAC; I much prefer the method where the update is downloaded, copied to an SD or CF card and that card is used by the camera to perform the update. Olympus make the process just that bit harder by having a non-standard USB connection on the camera body meaning that you have to make sure you have a suitable cable to hand too (the camera comes with such a USB cable).

I have also noticed a discrepancy in version numbers of the Digital Camera Updater software, depending upon where you start. If you start at the downloads page here and scroll down to just below the “Latest news” section it provides a link to v1.2 of the “Olympus Digital Camera Updater”; by the time you get to the download page there is no v1.2, the current versions are older.

However you get to the “Olympus Digital Camera Updater” page you are eventually given two download options:

Simply download the relevant version for your operating system and you will have the latest version of the software required to update the firmware on your camera. I have already installed this onto my iMac – it did require a reboot (I think).

As already mentioned, I will be updating the firmware on the E-M1 and 60mm this weekend and depending on how easy or difficult it is I will provide another update. I also want to test the 60mm Macro out and have a go with the Cactus radio wireless triggers and flash guns that I have as did not have the time last weekend (Scones don’t make themselves you know 🙂 ).


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