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Earlier this year I took some photographs of the dogs with a Christmas theme called rather predictably “Christmas Dogs 2014”, you can read that post here. In that post I mentioned that the dogs would be trimmed in February and that I would take a few more photographs of them whilst they looked their best (well their best after 3 days that is).

So after their trim on Thursday I decided to take a few more photographs whilst they still looked decent but this time without the Christmas Theme. I decided I would like to have a photograph of them sitting together and for speed have them on their favourite sofa in the living room; I would then be at the other end of the room with the 40-150mm f2.8 lens on my OM-D E-M1. I went for another simple lighting effect with two Cactus speedlights, one on either side of the dogs bouncing out from umbrellas both at around 1/64 power.

This time I managed to take a meter reading and apply the settings to my E-M1 with the correct ISO and started to try and get pictures of the dogs together which is easier said than done. I picked the wrong time to take their picture as there was too much going on to have them sit for any real length of time on the sofa.

Zara was her usual photogenic self:



Seska (when she was around) also looked very cute – it’s a small dog thing:

Eventually I managed to get about 3 shots of them together looking in the general direction of the camera, only two of these had the dogs eyes in focus, one is at the top of the post, the other is at the bottom:

The cactus speedlights performed flawlessly with no mis-firing and when fired independently from the trigger worked as required. I just should have taken photographs in the morning when Zara and Seska are a bit less frisky.


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