Lincoln Swans Update 2 (24th May 2015)

I visited both swan nests yesterday afternoon. I parked up at PC World and walked down to the St.Marks nest first (it was the nearest one). Both the Cobb and Pen were a few meters away from each other. The Pen was on the nest and I couldn’t see any evidence of more cygnets. The Pen’s left wing was extended slightly and moving a bit as though there was one or more cygnets moving underneath, nothing appeared. After waiting for a few minutes, my father (who had come to see the nests too) and I agreed to visit the other nest and come back to this nest on the way back.

University Swan Nest
As we approached the University nest, like the St.Marks nest both the Cobb and Pen were near each other but there was no sign of any young. After a few minutes, the Pen rose from the nest and started to turn her eggs; there were 4. I hadn’t got my camera out at this point so in quick fashion I opened the bag, released the camera, removed the lens cap, switched on, focused and she was back on the nest – damn!

Rule 1 of (any event) photography – Always have the camera ready to shoot, the few seconds it takes to get the camera ready can take longer than the event itself. It only took about 5 seconds to get ready but the event was in place before I started and was over before I was ready 😦

This was the shot of the nest after she sat down, the nest needed a bit of a tidy. I joked with my father that the egg was obviously causing bit of discomfort to the Pen so had to be moved a bit:

The Cobb was not as concerned like he was the day before (no hissing this time):

St. Marks Swan Nest
When we went back to the St.Marks nest we could see that the Cobb was swimming away from us in the water and a small grey blob on the Pen:

So it look like we only have the single cygnet, this one looked very comfortable:

So no more cygnets yet – I’ll have to keep checking over the next few days and report back.


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