Lincoln Swans Update 3 (25th May 2015)


After yesterday’s no show of further cygnets I went back this morning after my Hartsholme Photo shoot (to be published later this week) I parked up at PC World as before and went to the St.Marks swan first. She was alone now sleeping on the nest (see above), I saw no signs of any cygnets at all (not even the one I have already seen).

After this I visited the University Swan nest, as I approached she was sitting down on the nest, although I had my camera ready this was the shot that I got:
If I had been a few seconds earlier I would have a better shot. It’s a mute point (no pun intended) as there were no cygnets present and unlike the St.Marks swan this one’s mate was swimming nearby.

I am back at work tomorrow but after work on my way to the bus stop I will divert via these two nests and report any changes (i.e. more cygnets).