Lincoln Swans Update 4 (26-28th May 2015)

You can read my previous entry here.

Over the last 3 days I have been keeping an eye on the two Mute Swan nests, there hasn’t been much change though. Both of the Cobbs are now way from the nests leaving the Pens on their own; that said the Cobb is only slightly upstream. The above photo is the Cobb for the University Nest.

The Pen on the St.Marks nest however has been much more active, the series of photos were taken on Tuesday 26th May.

When I first arrived the nest was getting a touch of maintenance:

The next order of the day was a quick preening session:

Don’t forget above the leg (just hit that spot):

The final activity before a bit of a breather was to turn the eggs, first one:

Then the next egg

Not forgetting one at the back:

Finally a quick inspection of the turned eggs:

As you can see there are only 4 eggs now (from 7) and I have only ever seen 1 cygnet which I also haven’t seen for a while either.

Update: Thursday 28th May:
I visited both nests today and there was no change, the University swan stayed on her nest and the St.Marks swan showed me that she still had 4 eggs on her nest. There was still no sign of the Cobbs in the vicinity of the nests. On my way back to work (it was my lunch break) I looked down the river (upstream) and saw a Cobb and swimming around it was a single cygnet; this is most likely the same cygnet that hatched a few days ago from the St.Marks nest. It was nice to now that the cygnet was OK, there won’t be much predators who will take on a fully grown adult swan!


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