Lincoln Swans Update 5 (30th May 2015)

You can read my previous entry here.

St. Marks Swan Nest:
As you can see from these photographs we are now down to only 3 eggs on the nest (from 7). I can still only confirm that 1 cygnet has hatched:

The Pen is still determined to incubate the remaining eggs but I don’t believe they are going to hatch now, it’s been too long since the first cygnet hatched over a week ago. The fact that eggs keep disappearing is a mystery and I don’t know if the swan is discarding them or if a predator is stealing them.

Today she was standing up and having a major preening session, it was quite warm after all:
There was no sign of the Cob or cygnet(s?) today and I checked up and down stream.

On my way to the second nest this Feral Pigeon landed on the fence in front of me so I took a couple of photographs:

University Swan Nest:
On my way to this nest I noticed that both the Pen and Cob were together (the Pen on the nest).

They seemed to be very tired as they kept both closing their eye’s (Pen):

They would open them from time to time to see what I was up to, after I took a few photographs I left them to it(Cob):


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