Hartsholme Park – Late May

Last Sunday (a week ago today) I went to Hartsholme Park in Lincoln to check out any changes since my last visit in early May, you can read about that visit by clicking here.

One of the first things I noticed (apart for the 3 Grey Heron sitting on the branch at the centre of the central island) is that the Herons for the most part have gone, I could see no evidence of any of their nests being used, considering when they were hatched this is not unusual.

There was also strangely no evidence of any young birds either, no goslings, ducklings, cygnets or other young birds. There were a lot of Greylag Geese and few Canada Geese as well as the Black-headed Gulls.

On my way to the Common Coots nest (more on that below) I noticed this Black-headed Gull, he was standing his ground and warning off any other gulls:

A few times he would also fly around his area to warn them off:

In flight:

However after watching this bird and taking a few photographs I arrived at the Common Coot’s nest, there wasn’t much to see as the female was asleep on the nest:


Not far from the nest another Common Coot (I suspect the male mate) swam off into the lake and after a few minutes came back with a twig in its beak:

When it got to the nest it passed the twig to the female which was then used to sure up the nest, I didn’t see how many eggs were laid nor any evidence of any chicks yet:

On my way back to the main part of the lake I noticed this Grey Squirrel:

He was quite curious about what I was doing and posed for me which was nice:
After a while he hopped off and although I managed to capture a few more shots of him these two are the best photographs.

A bit further on I could see Blackbird with a worm; the phrase “The Early bird gets the worm” came to mind. The bird was some distance off so this is cropped quite a bit and the exposure could have been better:
As a side note, if this was taken with the OM-D instead of the D810 it would have been an unusable shot, I’m just saying.

As stated earlier there were a lot of Greylag geese around, some were very active like this:

Other Greylag geese were quite happy to have their picture taken:

So apart from the fact that there were no young birds to see it was a good morning’s shoot. At first glance I thought that I had hardly any decent photographs, however waiting a few days before I went through them certainly showed that it wasn’t as bad as I first thought. I hope to visit Hartsholme again soon.

I was planning on going today but I decided against it and this was the right call as the weather is not very nice today.


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