Lincoln Swans Update 6 (2nd June 2015)

You can read my previous entry here.

After the miserable weather form yesterday I finally managed to visit the two Swan nests today after work. The first nest I came to was the one near the Lincoln University.

Lincoln University Swan Nest

As per usual the swan was on the nest and there were no signs of cygnets there, I am not sure if the eggs that are being incubated will ever hatch. The Cobb was no where to be seen.

Just as I was bout to leave a Feral Pigeon flew in and landed in on roof me, I am really dazzled by the bright eye of this bird:

He was quite a willing subject, this is my best side:

After taking a few photos I decided to venture down to the St. Marks swan Nest.

St.Marks Swan Nest
As I got near to the nest I was noticing a lack of white in the general vicinity of the nest:
It looks like after hatching 1 confirmed cygnet the nest has finally been abandoned by the Pen. I am not surprised it was unlikely that the remaining eggs would hatch. It had to have been recent as there are still 3 eggs in the nest. These will eventually disappear as various predators come for them.

So 1 cygnet from 2 separate clutches of eggs is not a good year for these 2 swan couples. I will keep an eye out to see if the University Swan hatches any cygnets.


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