Lincoln Swans Update 7 (6th June 2015)

This will be the final Swans Update, my previous post can be found here.

As it was Saturday I thought that I would take a quick bus ride into Lincoln City, check out the swans and have a quick chat with Lee at the High Street London Camera Exchange store about next week’s LCE Photo Week. Just before you get to the bus station the bus goes down Portland street and this is where I dismounted the bus and started to walk to the St.Marks swan nest just past the Firth road Sorting Office.

When I got to the nest I was surprised to see that the 3 abandoned eggs were still present on the nest. I looked around and could not see any swans or cygnets, I waited a few minutes but there was nothing to see. I decided to head towards the University nest. On the way are a number of small bridges across the river; I checked the river at the nearest bridge to the nest and then noticed two swans and a single cygnet swimming towards the nest.

I quickly got the camera out of my Urban Photo Sling 250 and headed back towards the nest. It was very hard to capture the cygnet in the water as there were many reeds and 2 honking great swans đŸ™‚ in the way. After a short while the cygnet ventured ashore and went straight for the nest.

Once there the cygnet like the Cobb and Pen decided that a thorough preening session was in order:

Don’t forget the back, helps with the itch back there:

Must not forget the leg:

Preening is very tiresome, i’ll just have a quick nap:

After taking far too many shots of the cygnet I decided to check out the University Swans nest. On the way I noticed this Pied Wagtail land in front of me, this shot was cropped quite a bit as I couldn’t get much closer. The bird was very quick and jittery as I got closer he flew off:

When I arrived at the University Swans nest there were no swans and no eggs, although there were some pieces of egg-shell around so something “might” have hatched or they were abandoned and a predator had them?

So I carried on towards the Brayford Pool to see if I could see a small family of swans with 3 to 5 cygnets. There were a pair of swans on the boat launching area sans cygnets and a large family of swans and cygnets in the centre of the pool on the pontoon:
I count around 6 or 7 cygnets here so although this is great to see it cannot be the University swans as she only had 5 eggs (at the last count). I didn’t see any more swans on the Brayford which is quite unusual.

However there were the usual Mallard Ducks (no ducklings), Muscovy Ducks, Feral Pigeons and these unusual Grey Lag Geese, notice how one of them is pure white:
Definitely some cross-breeding going on here.

I took a few more photographs and then called it a day and went to the LCE High Street Store.


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