Squirrel in the Garden


This is a short post as there is only one picture worth showing. This is a squirrel that lives in the trees around the houses where I live in the suburbs of Lincoln city. There may be more than one but I only see one at a time; he (she?) is very adventurous and loves the berries on trees around the back of the garden. I have seen him leaping from tree to tree and even trees at the opposite ends of the main road located behind the fence at the rear of the garden.

Like most Grey Squirrels there is a lot of red in his fur but even though they flourished better than the native red squirrels I still think they are cute. The only disagreements come form Zara, the larger of our two Shih-Tzu dog; she doesn’t like other animals in the garden whether they be birds, hedgehogs or squirrels!


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