The Parrot Zoo

Back in October my parents and I visited the aptly named Parrot Zoo which is located almost in the middle of nowhere between Boston, Skegness and Spilsby. Whilst the main attraction are the parrots the Zoo also hosts a large number of other animals from other small birds to Tigers.

If you have never been I heartily recommend a visit but I suggest that you take a packed lunch with you as the restaurant which serves hot food and is a nice clean environment does have a rather limited menu. If your idea of food is anything form a cooked breakfast to something severed with chips you will be well met, but anyone who is particular about what they can eat (such as myself) will be struggling to find something they can have.

At the time of the visit I was using an OlympuS OM-D E-M1 fitted with Olympus’s best zoom lens the 40-150mm f2.8 PRO. The would be one of the last times I would have the opportunity to use this combo which worked admirably throughout the day apart from a battery change mid-day (still the achilles heal of nearly all “mirrorless” cameras). In fact I managed to capture two of my best wildlife pictures ever so this proves that the photographer and not the camera takes the picture; I will save these for the last two pictures in the post.

The pictures
There are over 100 species of Parrot at the Parrot Zoo and I have named them too the best of my abilities. Please forgive me if I have incorrectly named them.

Blue Fronted Amazon #1:
2015-09-22 PZ-1

Blue Fronted Amazon #2:
2015-09-22 PZ-2

2015-09-22 PZ-3

African Grey Parrot:
2015-09-22 PZ-4

Sun Conures:
2015-09-22 PZ-6

Eclectic Parrot (Male):
2015-09-22 PZ-7

There was an enclosure (double doored) where you could walk around an be amongst some of the species of birds at the enclosure and this one took a fancy to my father, at one time or another we all had a bird perched upon us, they so like hair it seems:
2015-09-22 PZ-10

Yellow-collared Lovebird:
2015-09-22 PZ-11

Regent Parrot:
2015-09-22 PZ-12

2015-09-22 PZ-9

Cockatiel with a Conure:
2015-09-22 PZ-13

Young Peacock, there was a whole family of them situated throughout the zoo and they went where they pleased:
2015-09-22 PZ-5

Baby and mother meerkat:
2015-09-22 PZ-14

Startled Robin (one of my all time best pictures):
2015-09-22 PZ-8


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