Wildlife in Back Garden (May 2016)

This is a very late post about the wildlife that we have seen in the back garden back in May of this year.

House Sparrows:
We had a large number of young birds and their parents visit the garden in May (and this has continued into August this year). The most prominent were House Sparrows, here are a couple of shots (didn’t have time to get a telephoto lens):

Wood Pigeons:
We also had a nest in the tress just behind the garden that had a Wood Pigeon sat upon it for a long time. We weren’t sure that anything wood hatch but after a few weeks when the Pigeon left the nest we could see one or two small grey balls of fluff; for a few days we didn’t know if there were one or two chicks. However, after seeing two distinct heads it was evident that there were two. Unfortunately the nest was behind some twigs and well into the tree so it wasn’t easy to see into it.

Here are some pictures from the young Wood Pigeons in the nest and then some pictures from a few weeks after this showing how quickly they grew up. Althogh they hanged around for many weeks after leaving the next they have now moved on.


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