November Fujifilm GFX Studio Event in Derby

I’ve been going through some of my photos recently (following a long absence to keeping this site up to date) and I’ve come across the two pictures below. These were taken at “Averill Photography Studio” in Derby.

The shoot was organised by Derby’s London Camera Exchange. It was a Fujifilm sponsored shoot so along wit the Fuji reps we had professional Fujifilm X Photographer Wayne Johns who guided a small group of photographers (including myself) through the session, put the camera through it’s paces and capture some memorable images. The cost was only £20.

There were two sessions during the day, one morning and one in the afternoon. I chose the latter afternoon session (1:30pm to 3:30pm). I would have preferred the earlier session but as I was using Buses and Trains it would not have been possible to be at the Derby studio in time.

We were each given a (very slow) memory card to use in the camera so that we could keep our images of the models. Wayne was also joined by a make-up artist who did an amazing job with the two models.

This was also my first experience with PixaPro (aka Godox) flash gear too and since this session I have purchased a couple of flashes and will use this gear for any future speedlights, strobes or light modifiers that I might need.

I took several shots of each model using the GFX and a couple of different lenses. The GFX handles like any Fujifilm APS-C body but outputs large gorgeous files. Whilst I had no intention of purchasing one I was interested to see what it was like to use one and how good the files are. We were encouraged by Wayne to under and over expose some of our shots to see how malleable the files are and their large dynamic range.

My two favourite shots from the shoot are below:

I had a great half-day in Derby and I want to thank the Derby LCE Staff, Wayne, his make-up artist and the two models. It should be noted that although these are my files, they are for personal use only.

Click here if you want to know more about the GFX system.


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