Doddington Hall Portrait Shoot

At the end of last month (Tuesday 27th September, the Lincoln - Silver Street branch of London Camera Exchange (LCE) organised (in conjunction with Canon, Nikon and Olympus) a Portrait Shoot at Doddington Hall here in Lincoln. The sold out event was well attended by a wide range of photographers with all skills and the... Continue Reading →

Driven to Abstraction

Yesterday I attended a local (in Lincoln) LCE-Olympus organised event titled "Driven to Abstraction" which was an Urban Street Photography event, you can read more about this here. However I have copied the synopsis of the event from the Olympus ImageSpace website below: Professional photographer Steve Gosling invites you to get creative with the urban... Continue Reading →

The Wedding Photography Business

Last Monday (8th December) I was lucky enough to be invited to another Olympus organised training event; unlike the previous one with Damian McGillicuddy this one didn’t cost me anything – thank you Olympus :). The event called “The Wedding Photography Business” had another Olympus Ambassador in attendance – Rob Pugh and like Damian was... Continue Reading →

The Olympus Big Shoot Experience

On Thursday and Friday last week I was fortunate enough to attend two days of the three day “Big Shoot Experience” with Damian McGillicuddy and his team. Over the two days a number of photographers and I were given an insight into how Damian and his team create and produce portfolio grade photographs. I had... Continue Reading →

Light Meters

Ever since I started taking pictures I have never once used a light-meter I was always of the opinion that the meter in the camera was always up to the job; if it wasn't "quite right" you just applied some exposure compensation. With practice you could also apply this before taking the picture depending on... Continue Reading →

Lincoln Photo and Optics Show 2014

The date for the "Lincoln Photo and Optics Show 2014" is getting nearer, in fact it's 3 weeks away from today (on 5th November). As per the last few years the show is being held at the "Drill Hall" here in Lincoln only a short distance form the host's (LCE) Silver Street store. Apparently this... Continue Reading →

Kelby One

I’ll preface this post with the fact that I really respect Scott Kelby and all at the Kelby Training empire and from time to time have subscribed to both what were NAPP and Kelby Training. I understand that Scott has a business to run and that he and his colleagues do release a lot of... Continue Reading →

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