Nikon D810 Myths and Truths

I've owned my Nikon D810 DSLR camera for just over a month now and although there are many reasons I changed back to a DSLR from the rather good (in fact better than I imagined) Olympus OM-D E-M1, the main two were the fact that I wanted a bigger sensor and much more resolution -... Continue Reading →

Hartsholme Park – April 2015

Last Sunday I visited Hartsholme Park which at the moment is teaming with life as Spring is definitely here and all of the animals (mostly birds) that live there are have either had their young or are preparing for young. So you have a lot of nest building and courtship and mating going on too.... Continue Reading →

iPhone 6 pre-order day madness

As advertised by Apple, today (Friday 12th September) is the first day that you can pre-order your iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus. Next week on Friday 17th September you will be able to actually purchase your phone. Those who have pre-ordered their phone will be able to collect them on that day; whether they... Continue Reading →

Apple’s September Announcements

Introduction I was hoping to post something on my blog yesterday about this but it took a lot longer to see everything announced, longer than it should have! I like to watch Apple announcements live or if not available watch the stream that is usually available shortly after the live announcement. Apple seems to be... Continue Reading →

New Computer – Part3

Software, drivers and data I am fortunate that most of the software that I use is cross-platform so getting MS Office and Adobe Photoshop/Lightroom installed was really easy. Adobe Lightroom had to be told where its RAW files were which I kind of expected and then following a few must have preference changes now works... Continue Reading →

New Computer – Part2

Backup Strategy In addition to the iMac I also purchased two LaCie Drives to help with my Backup strategy: LaCie 4TB P`9233 Desktop Drive – USB3 LaCie 8TB 2big Thunderbolt RAID Hard Drive The 4TB drive is dedicated to “Time Machine” on the iMac and will back up all of the data on the iMac... Continue Reading →

My Passport Wireless Drive

Western Digital have added a new range of Wireless Hard Drives to their Passport range, what's more unusual is that they have added an SD card reader to the drive too. This enables the use of the drive in the field as a mobile backup for any SD-card inserted, the drive can also wipe the... Continue Reading →

New Computer – Part1

Hardware At the end of last week I took delivery of my new computer. I haven't upgraded the self-built PC for some time and I was looking at my next computer. I also had the excuse that other members of the family could do with new computers too, the computers ripple down through the family.... Continue Reading →

Photokina, Apple and Rumours

I haven’t been blogging much over the last couple of weeks for a number of reasons; however I do have a few new posts pending. This post is about a number of things that are all happening in the next few weeks. Apple On September 9th Apple are having their yearly iPhone/iOS release announcement and... Continue Reading →

My thoughts on the Microsoft Surface 3

Soon (at least in the US) the Microsoft Surface Pro 3 will be available to purchase, from what I can gather it won't be available in the UK until August; however you can pre-order the device now. I have to admit that this is the first Surface that I wouldn't mind owning. We are entering... Continue Reading →

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