The Photography show 2017

On Sunday I went to this year’s Photography show; this 4-day event runs from Saturday 18th to Tuesday 21st March at the Birmingham NEC. Like previous years, I visited the show with my friend Richard Brown; the only difference is that he drove this year as I no longer have a car. Richard has already... Continue Reading →

Lincoln Photo Show 2016

Today's the day of the annual London Camera Exchange (LCE) Lincoln's Photo show at the Lincoln Drill Hall on Free Schhool Lane and runs from 11am - 4pm, entry is as usual free This year it is on a Sunday (previous years were the Wednesday nearest the 5th November - so a bit earlier in... Continue Reading →

LCE Photo and Optics Show 2015

Two weeks on Wednesday is this year's London Camera Exchange's Photo and Optics show. I have been attending the show for the last few years now and it gets bigger and better every year, it's a testament to the hard work that's put into this by the LCE staff not only in Lincoln but further... Continue Reading →

LCE Lincoln Photo Week

Starting on Monday 8th June both of the Lincoln London Camera Exchanges will be hosting their annual Photo Week. Each store is hosting different events on each day from Monday to Saturday. Unlike last year most companies will only present their company's products at a single Store. Details for the LCE website are as below:... Continue Reading →

TCS Review the Canon EOS 7D Mark II

One of my favourite YouTube subscriptions is the TCS (The Camera Store) channel as they do a lot of photographic gear video reviews and for a store that is interested in selling gear they do provide a very fair review. They mention what they do and so not like. I cannot recommend them enough. This... Continue Reading →

Today is OM-D-Day

It's finally the day of the LCE Photo and Optics show and in less than 4 hours the show will start (it was 4 when when I created and posted this). I have already written quite a few posts about this over the last couple of weeks so please go and read a few of... Continue Reading →

Mirror-less Camera Bags?

This morning I noticed that DPReview had an article about some new bags that were recentley announced by Think Tank; these are targeted at Mirror-less system owners. I was particularly interested in the "Perception" series, you can read about them on Think Tank's website here. I like the fact that we have 3 sizes depending... Continue Reading →

Lincoln Photo and Optics Show 2014

The date for the "Lincoln Photo and Optics Show 2014" is getting nearer, in fact it's 3 weeks away from today (on 5th November). As per the last few years the show is being held at the "Drill Hall" here in Lincoln only a short distance form the host's (LCE) Silver Street store. Apparently this... Continue Reading →

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