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OLYMPUS Experience Day – Marwell Zoo

At the end of last year I pre-ordered and then purchased a new Olympus OM-D E-M1 Mark II camera and among the benefits of pre-ordering the camera was that you could attend a free workshop, there were a number of locations available. Each workshop was centred on a theme linked to the location and as well as Olympus (along with a large number of Olympus lenses to try out) being there a professional photographer would be present too. The photographer would naturally be one of the Olympus UK ambassadors.

The workshop that I picked was the one at Marwell Zoo where Tesni Ward (a professional wildlife photographer) would be present to offer advice, tips and techniques. This event did “sell out” quickly as I like a lot of photographers enjoy wildlife (if you can call animals in a zoo wildlife) photography.

The event was scheduled for Saturday 4TH March and as the zoo is situated on the outskirts of Winchester (about 4 hours away by car) I would have to travel down before the event and go home afterwards; I don’t fancy getting up mega early, driving for 4 hours and then driving back for 4 hours getting bac god knows when. So I travelled down on the Friday and went back on the following Monday. As I used to live in Winchester I do have a few friends in the area so I spent Sunday with Gary who is also a keen Olympus Photographer, he drive us to Portland Bill (more about this in another post).

To help keep costs down I booked a Premier Inn in Eastleigh (a stone’s throw from the M3) and this I only 20 minutes away from the Zoo. However, that said this “free” workshop did cost me quite a bit what with a hire car, hotel stay for 3 nights, food and petrol. I don’t mind a penny of it as I had a good time over the long weekend, apart from my 4 hour drive back taking 6 hours instead 😦

So on Saturday morning after having a nice breakfast I popped into my hire car (Nissin X-Trail – thankyou to Hertz) I travelled the 20 minutes or so to the Zoo. After arriving and parking the car I noticed a large group of photographers some of which had the Olympus cameras on show. I walked up to them and after confirming that we were all here for the same reason we started chatting. I always liked conversing with other photographers as you always learn something new.

We were also joined by a celebrity: Victoria Bampton who is better known as the LightRoom Queen (https://www.lightroomqueen.com/) I had no idea that she was based in the UK and also an OM-D E-M1 Mark II user. Victoria is a very nice lady did get an awful lot of Adobe LightRoom questions over the course of the day. She was very helpful with answers to common questions although we had a few non comments when new features were being discussed (obviously under NDA); although we did get told that full support for the E-M1 Mark II would be coming soon. Since attending the workshop and writing this blog post we have had a LightRoom/Camera Raw update that now contains full support for the E-M1 Mark II.

After a short while we were met by Jez Sugars (from Olympus) who some of the Olympus users knew who took us into the Park to the main hall where Olympus were based for the day. As we ventured into the building we were met by Claire Voyle (who I have met before at an Olympus Wedding workshop with Rob Pugh). Inside I found Dave Smith who I have also met before once at the Doddington Hall shoot in Lincoln and once in the Nottingham LCE store. Dave like all of the Olympus crew is a very nice guy, is always willing to help and offer advice. There were a few other Olympus people there too but I unfortunately cannot remember their names sorry.

On the way in we were given coffee or Tea and a small room had chairs set out in front of a screen, just to the left of the screen was a table full of Olympus lenses including four 300mm F4 Pro lenses 🙂

After a short introduction from Olympus about a few things, itinerary, the PRO service they handed over to Tesni who explained here journey as a full-time Wildlife Photographer and her migration from the heavy bulky Canon full-frame gear to the Olympus OM-D E-M1 and now the E-M1 Mark-II. The original E-M1 unfortunately had a number of shortcomings that meant that it was not possible to completely migrate, however the Mark II overcame most of these meaning it was now the main camera. Although Tesni still has her Canon gear it is rarely used* At the event the impression was given that it was no longer used although at an interview with Tesni a couple of weeks before she did say that if low light quality was a priority and/or a focal length of 800mm was needed then the Canon gear would/could be used -**** CHECK FACTS CHRIS***

After the introductions we were split into 3 groups, I was in group “3” and this was led by Dave. Tesni walked around and mingled between the groups offering advice about Wildlife Photography whist Dave was on hand for anything Olympus related. One of the first things he changed for me was to disable the quick AF point selection via the 4 way controller; the change meant that you had to click the AF selection button first before changing your the AF point. I was also forcing myself to use back-button focusing which was more successful than I thought it would be although there were a few miss-focused shots.

The Photographs
Although for the first half of the day I started using my own 40-150mm f2.8 Pro lens, I quickly added the 1.4x converter to give me a bit more reach (56-210mm f4 equivalent), the following pictures are taken with this combo:

Yellow Mongoose:

Slender-tailed Meerkat:

Roan Antelope:


Blue-crowned Laughing Thrush:

Red-necked Wallaby

Wrinkled Hornbill:

Sulawesi Black Macaque:

M.zuiko 300mm f4 PRO Lens:
After Lunch I was lucky enough to be lent a 300mm F4 Pro lens, all of these following shots are with that lens, sometimes I had too much focal length though:

Crow (taken as a test shot):

Scimitar-horned Oryx:

Amur Leopard:

Grevy’s Zebra:

Congo Buffalo:


Pygmy Hippopotamus:

At the end of the day we had to give all of the lenses we borrowed back – no free 300mm lenses 😦 and and after a quick Q & A session we were all given Olympus goody bags. Amongst other promotional material the bags had an E-M1 Mark II menu guide, Olympus branded LED torch and pencil. The bag also had a flyer about courses that Tesni offers (some of which are in association with Olympus).

I had a great day out, learned a ton of stuff and met up with like-minded Olympus photographers, in closing I would like to thank everyone from Olympus, the Marwell Zoo and Tesni too.


Lincoln Photo Show 2016

Today’s the day of the annual London Camera Exchange (LCE) Lincoln’s Photo show at the Lincoln Drill Hall on Free Schhool Lane and runs from 11am – 4pm, entry is as usual free

This year it is on a Sunday (previous years were the Wednesday nearest the 5th November – so a bit earlier in the year too); LCE promises a great day out for everyone from the keen beginner to the seasoned pro. They have stands packed with products, advice and demos from the likes of:

  • Olympus
  • Canon
  • Sony
  • Nikon
  • Sigma
  • Panasonicv
  • Fuji
  • Tamron

Along with a wealth of accessories from:

  • Manfrotto
  • Metz
  • Lastolite
  • Hoya
  • Tenba
  • Hahnel

This year LCE have three guest speakers, each giving an hours presentation on their work and how they achieve the results they get:

11.45am – 12.45pm
Gavin Hoey – Portrait photographer and photoshop master, Gavin gives a unique presentation using Olympus cameras and “smoke and mirrors” to create photography like you’ve never seen before.

1pm – 2pm
Joe Cornish – One of Britain’s most experienced landscape photographers, Joe will present his work on the most amazing landscapes in the world, sharing advice and techniques acquired in years of experience using Sony equipment such as A7RII and G Master lenses.

2.15pm – 3.15pm
Bertie Gregory – 23 years old and travels the world for National Geographic creating amazing films for the National Geographic Channel using Canon equipment including the Eos 1DX MKII. Examples of Bertie’s work can be found at natgeo.com/wildlife

All presentations are free and will run within the main hall along with exhibitions from a group of local camera clubs.

LCE also promise special show only offers and great part exchange deals – I’m not sure what these are so we’ll have to wait and see.

If there’s anything of interest I might post my thoughts and my highlights.

I (like LCE) hope to see you there too!

LCE Photo and Optics Show 2015


Two weeks on Wednesday is this year’s London Camera Exchange’s Photo and Optics show. I have been attending the show for the last few years now and it gets bigger and better every year, it’s a testament to the hard work that’s put into this by the LCE staff not only in Lincoln but further afield too.

This year looks to be no different, it looks like Olympus will have the biggest presence at the show which is good for me and Damian McGillicuddy is back again doing two events at the show; the events will also be better as the stage at the back of the hall is where they will be held. This was the only criticism I have from last year’s show, the event area wasn’t situated in the best place; I’m glad to see that my view were heard and acted upon – thanks Dave.

As well as Olympus we will have Canon, Nikon, Sony, Fujifilm, Panasonic, Lastolite and many many more, you can find more details about the show by clicking here. LCE will also have many show offers on for the day so bring your wallet and speak nicely to the bank manager.

I am really looking forward to the show and I hope to see you at the event 🙂

LCE Lincoln Photo Week

Starting on Monday 8th June both of the Lincoln London Camera Exchanges will be hosting their annual Photo Week. Each store is hosting different events on each day from Monday to Saturday. Unlike last year most companies will only present their company’s products at a single Store.

Details for the LCE website are as below:

Silver Street Store:
Welcome to the 2nd annual Lincoln Photo Week, where we bring you special offers and expert advice direct from the manufacturer across both our Lincoln stores. Here at Silver St we will be focusing on Canon, Olympus and Lowepro with teams from all three brands instore during the week offering hands on demos, expert advice and the chance to try out the latest kit such as the EOS 5Ds and OMD EM5 MKII. We will have special offers running on all the brands throughout the week and great part exchange deals too…..why not bring your old kit to upgrade! Along with our special Photo Week offers there will also be a range of cashback, finance and bundle offers from Canon and Olympus to take advantage of making Lincoln Photo Week the perfect time to buy your next piece of kit. Keep up to date with the latest Photo Week news on our facebook page at http://www.facebook.com/LCELincolnPro you can also find us on Twitter and Instagram too.

High Street Store:
Here at the London Camera Exchange High Street branch we’re dedicating an ENTIRE WEEK to all things photographic. From Monday to Saturday we will be having EXCLUSIVE on the day deals with some of the leading manufacturers in the Photographic & Optics fields.

Vortex – One of the leading brands in Optics. Will be showcasing the latest ranges of binoculars, field scopes and accessories.
Newpro – Quality optics and photographic accessories. Straps, scope adapters and much more.

Fujifilm – Multi-award winning compact system and pro compact cameras. A chance to see the X-T1, X-E2 & X-PRO1 Series along with the range of lenses. Also a chance to see the X30 & X100T Compacts.
Intro2020 – Tamron lenses, Cokin & Hoya filters, Kenko adapters, Velbon tripods camera straps and cleaning kits.

Intro are back! But they’ll be focusing on their NEW LYTRO ILLUM. A camera that allows you to change the image AFTER you’ve taken the shot! Come along for a demonstration and a chat.

** ALL WEEK WE’RE RUNNING A HAWKE PROMOTION – Come in store to demo anything from the Hawke range and be entered in to a prize draw for a FREE PAIR OF BINOCULARS **

Sony – One of the photographic industries largest companies. A chance to demo the exciting A7 Full Frame compacts, as well as a range on A, E & FE mount lenses. There will also be a chance to try their multi-award winning compact range including the RX100 series, RX10 & HX compact range.
Manfrotto & Lastolite – Manfrotto will be bringing their excellent range of tripods, bags & accessories as well as a range of the Lastolite items like studio kit, lights and backgrounds.

Panasonic – With fantastic class-leading cameras such as the GH4, LX100 & the FXZ1000, Panasonic are one of the most exciting brands out there. Offering fantastic performance, cutting edge technologies AND 4K video today is a day you should really come down with an open mind and try something different!

Nikon – “Saving the best ‘til last! a lot of you might say. Nikon are without a doubt one of the big guns of the photography world. And it’s a chance to come see the pro range of the D810, D750 & D610 as well as the BRAND NEW D7200 and don’t forget the brilliant D5500 and D3300. Also a great range or lenses and accessories are available for you to try.

We will also be running DAILY DRAWS to win GOODIES BAGS.

I have to say that I’m interested in trying out some Tamron lenses on my Nikon D810 on Tuesday and again on Saturday when Nikon themselves turn up.

It’s worth visiting one or both of the stores this week as you can bag yourself a bargain – just make sure you get the right store on the right day!

Off to The Photography Show 2015 today

Thanks to a day off work both Richard and I are off to Birmingham’s NEC today to see this year’s Photography show. Thankfully Lincoln is not too far from the NEC and so it’s only a 1.5 to 2 hour drive depending upon traffic. We both really enjoyed the show last year and although we won’t be going to the Superstage this year (last year we saw Joe McNally) there is still a lot to see.

This is the third day of the four day event and whilst many of the bargains will have been sold there will still be some good deals on gear – I am taking a list of a few times that I have been looking at – nothing exciting just a battery to two for my E-M1 and a new camera bag. Now that I shoot with an Olympus I will be heading straight for the Olympus stand so that I can book myself on one or two of their events running all day. I hope to see Aiden from Olympus there along with a few of the Olympus affiliated photographers such as Damian McGillicuddy and Rob Pugh as well.

However, just visiting the Olympus stand would mean that I will miss all of the other things happening on the day so I will visit many other locations to see what they offer and hopefully try out some of the more exotic gear too.

Canon have a few new items that will be on show including their new 50MP cameras the 5DS and 5DSR, these will be very similar to the 5D Mark III so beyond the handling I’m not sure what I will get from that. If we are allowed to take a few pictures on our own cards it might be worth it to see what a 50MP picture looks like. I also hope to have a go with the EOS M3 mirrorless camera too, I’m interested in how this handles and how good the add-on EVF is. The new 11-24mm f4 lens will most likely be there and I want to see how wide this is on a 35mm full-frame camera.

Colour Confidence
These guys are distributers for many companies in the Uk such as DXO and X-rite, they are also running some seminars during the day including one with Frank Doorhof who I wanted to see last year but his showing clashed with other ones during the day. I have one of his books and videos I really like watching him, I enjoy his style of teaching and this will be the first time I will see him Live.

I do not get a chance to play with Leica gear very often so certainly be heading there. Although I am curious to see what the Leica T is like I do know that Richard is very interested in everything that they have to offer; after all he does have a couple of Leica M series cameras.

There isn’t much from Nikon that I have not seen, the new D7200 will be very similar to the D7100 but how good is the expanded buffer? I have yet to see the Nikon 1 V3 camera and again I’m interested in how this handles too. Finally a play with the big boys the D810 and D4s with big lenses is needed to remind me of how heavy they are – you cannot argue with the image quality of the D810 but you are going to have to carry a large DSLR with heavy f2.8 or better glass to get the most out of it.

Thanks to a chance meeting with Adain about a month ago and my local LCE stocking it, there isn’t much to see that I have not had a go with yet. Whilst the OM-D E-M5 Mark II will be the big news of the show along with the 14-150mm Mark II lens it would be nice to see the add-on “dot-view” viewfinder in action – I have a few questions about this. As I said earlier Olympus are running many events during the day and I would like to see some of these whilst I am there.

I have yet to play with the GH4 but this will handle similarly to to the GH3 but a go would be nice I would also like to see and play with the 42.5mm f1.2 lens and if they have it the cheaper f1.7 lens too. I am interested in getting the Olympus M.Zuiko 45mm f1.8 lens so want to see if this is better.

They were not present last year which was a shame but they will be here this year. The only items of interest for me are the new Sony A7 MarkII and some of the new glass that is coming out. I want to see how good the focus and IBIS (In Body Image Stabilisation) are too.

What Else?
I could go on and on but there is so much to see more than I can detail here. The best idea is to visit the Photography Show’s website here and see who else is there and what else is happening.

Other Olympus announcements

I have already blogged about the OM-D E-M5 Mark II here along with some of my thoughts. Whilst the updated E-M5 was the main news Olympus also announced or pronounced some other photographic goodies too. You can see a few of these at 43rumors here.

7-14mm f2.8 PRO Lens
This is the third PRO designated lens to be released and will complete Olympus’s “Holy Trinity” of f2.8 glass, similar to Nikon’s Holy Trinity (14-24mm, 24-70mm and 70-200mm f2.8), Canon have a similar set as does Sony now for their A7 series cameras. Panasonic have had their 7-14mm lens out for some time now; however it is only f4.0 whereas the Olympus variant is f2.8. The downside to being faster is that that the Olympus lens is much larger and heavier; in fact it’s about the same size as the their 12-40mm f2.8 lens. Even though it is larger than Panasonic lens it is much smaller and lighter than the 35mm “full-frame” f2.8 glass from Canon, Nikon and Sony.


Like the other PRO lenses the 7-14mm is fully weather-selaed as well as dust and freeze proof, it has the clutch mechanism for manual focusing and also sports the lens function button too. The petal lens hood is built in and although it does not internally focus, the bulging lens element does not protrude outside the permitter of the integral lens hood.

There are still no details on pricing and the release date is scheduled for this summer (2015). If the lens is priced competitively I would certainly like to add this to my lens collection but we’ll have to wait and see and to be fair I would rather have another lens that probably won’t be released until the end of 2015 – the 300mm f4.0 PRO lens.

8mm f1.8 Fisheye PRO Lens
This is a new lens addition to the PRO range and until just a few weeks before the announcement was unknown of. Whilst the lens is weather sealed, dust and freeze proof it does not have a lens function button and does not have the manual focus clutch mechanism either. However, this probably isn’t a problem as the depth of field of lenses this wide do mean that you won’t need to adjust the focus much if manually focusing.


Until recently if you wanted a fish-eye lens for your M43 system you had two real choices. One was Panasonic’s 8mm f3.5 lens which is an expensive lens at £555, this does provide full autofocus and on Olympus bodies is stabilised too. The other option is the Samyang 7.5mm f3.5 fully manual lens – there is not autofocus or metering, the aperture is controlled manually too, this lens is priced rather competitively at £256 and also comes in Silver or Black as required. Now we have a third choice and bearing in mind that this is f1.8 compared to f3.5 I suspect that it will be quite expensive, this lens is also coming this Summer too.

14-150mm f4.0-5.6 Mark II Lens
Olympus also released the second version of their extreme wide to telephoto M.Zuiko lens, this was no surprise as the previous original version had all but disappeared from stockist shelves. The lens will be available soon for £549 (ouch!!!) and is also dust and splash proof too.


Lens Roadmap
With all of these additional lenses, Olympus had to update their roadmap too:

OM-D E-M1 v3.0 Firmware update
The final “big” announcement were the details that there would be another firmware update for the OM-D E-M1. Although I welcome anything that improves the performance of the camera I’m not sure that this warrants a major release number of v3.0. The firmware gives the following improvements:

  • 9-fps sequential autofocus on top of the OM-D’s benchmark Dual Fast AF, refocusing for each frame to deliver pin-sharp stills with zero blur
  • Compatibility with the latest version of OI.Share (v2.5), which in turn enables Live View control during video recording via a WiFi-connected smartphone

The upgraded firmware will be available from 24th February 2015 free of charge via the Olympus Digital Camera Updater. The updated Olympus Image Share app (v2.5) was released on 5th February and is already on my iPhone and iPad and now also supports iOS8.

Dot-sight Viewfinder
Olympus released a whole plethora of accessories for the new EM-5 Mark II (like the new flash, battery grip, usual cases, etc) but also an item first seen on their superior compact cameras, the externally mounted (via a hot-shoe) “dot-sight viewfinder:


When shooting at full telephoto with a long lens it can be very difficult to ensure that the subject remains in the viewfinder particularly if that subject is in motion such as a bird in flight (or BIF as it is known); this is due to the very narrow field of view of telephoto lenses. This accessory assists in framing when photographing far-away subjects. The brightness and position of the reticle can be adjusted. Because it is powered by a coin-type battery, it can be used when attached to the hot shoe or cold shoe. This accessory has the following features:

  • Dustproof and splashproof dot sight
  • Compatible with any camera with a hot/cold shoe mount
  • Slide lever style opening mechanism
  • Reticle brightness and position can be adjusted
  • Perfect for super telephoto shots of wildlife

What is not known at this time is how this works in conjunction with different telephoto lenses, I will have to wait and see for reviews of the device which still isn’t listed on the Olympus UK site; the only mention is on the Olympus US site. The availability date and UK price are also unknowns at this time too. If this is priced correctly and is truly a useful device I may invest in one.

So after a very quiet time at CES earlier this year Olympus have pre-announced a lot of new stuff for the Japan based CP+ show, this runs from the 12th to the 15th February. There are more than a few items that I am interested in here but I will only invest in an item if it solves a photographic problem that I have, this is something that Moose Peterson preaches and is a rule that I have started to follow.

Olympus OM-D E-M5 Mark II

OM-D E-M5 MkII - Front

After many leaks over the last few weeks, Olympus have finally announced the replacement to the then revolutionary first digital OM camera – the E-M5, this is called the E-M5 MarkII. This helps keep the divisions between the three OM-D cameras.

Whilst a few of the features are simple updates that were first seen in the OM-D E-M1 and the OM-D E-M10, there is a whole lot more to this camera including a few firsts for the mirror-less market.

It is no secret that I didn’t like the E-M5, I always thought that it was too small, the controls had no logic to them and the buttons on the camera were really spongy. Olympus have fixed the issue and the new buttons are a lot better, the controls are now very similar to the E-M1 that I own and include the mode dial push-button lock, as well as the 1-2 position toggle switch. The two control dials and Fn buttons are very similar to the ones on the E-M1 including the location of the On/Off switch just to the right of the faux pentaprism.

The front grip and rear thumb rest have been redesigned and look like they will allow a firmer and more secure hold of the camera, they have even re-posiitoned the camera strap lugs to make them more useful when a strap is attached.

OM-D E-M5 MkII - Top

The camera still uses the same battery as the E-M1 and the older E-M5 and yeah I like the fact that the battery and memory card compartments are separate.

Video enhancements
The camera now supports many frame rates including 1080/60pp and has a reasonable high 77Mbs throughput, the support for All-I rounds it out nicely. The slightly improved 5 axis image stabiliser can be used during video recording as can focus peaking. This camera puts to shame many of the DSLR cameras on the market today.

One addition I am very happy to see is a fully adjustable vari-angle rear screen – like the Panasonic G/GH series, this is still a touch screen too (Sony take note!). The camera also gains a microphone socket; a headphone socket is absent from the camera but fit the optional HLD-8G grip and then you have one, this allows you to set and monitor the audio whilst recording. It’s nice touches like this that I like Olympus for.

OM-D E-M5 MkII - Back

Olympus have removed the accessory port under the hot-shoe.

Accessory Flash
Like its predecessor and the E-M1, the new E-M5II does not have a built-in flash which given the fact that the E-M10 does is rather strange, I guess Olympus wanted to maintain the sleek lines from the previous OM-1 cameras. However instead of supplying the clip-on flash that comes with the EM-1 and EM-5 a more powerful and better featured FL-LM3 flash is now part of the standard kit. This flash not only has the ability to bounce but it can rotate too and is therefore a much better and useful flash to have.

As the accessory port is no more, Olympus had to find a way of powering the new flash so an extra pin has been added to the hot-shoe making the flash incompatible with any other Olympus camera. Interestingly the pin layout is now identical to Canon’s so any Canon E-TTL lead can be used to take the flash off camera.

1/8000 shutter and 1/16,000 electronic shutter
The camera has had it’s top shutter speed increased to 1/8000 sec just like the E-M1 and also has an electronic shutter that can go as fast as 1/16,000 sec. the electronic shutter is totally silent, the E-M5II also has a new silent drive mode which switches off all of the audible sounds. Rob Pugh is going to love this for weddings and it will be a good street shooting camera too.

Built-in WiFi
I didn’t realise this but the original E-M5 did not have WiFi so adding this ensures that the entire OM-D range now have WiFi and hence the ability to be wirelessly remote controlled; the WiFo also enables the transfer of images too.

40MP exposure mode
I have saved the best for last. The camera has an improved 5-axis sensor stabiliser and one of the features of this is that it can be moved a pixel at time up and down to take multiple shots and combine them into 40MP image; this is substantially higher than the native 16MP resolution of the micro-four-thirds sensor. You can have not only a 40MP JPG but you can have RAW versions too. Because the camera is taking multiple shots the feature is only suitable for static subject matter and you really need to be using a tripod but this is amazing technology – watch the Camera Store TV video as they demonstrate the feature.

Pricing and availability
The OM-D E-M5 is being released at £899 body only and two lens kits are being offered , one with the 12-50mm lens and one with the 12-40mm f2.8 lens. All kits and bodies are available in Black and Silver. The camera should be available in early March and there is a pre-order offer on that gets you a free Olympus messenger bag and free 5 1/2 year warranty if you pre-order before 1st March.

My thoughts
I have not handled the E-M5 yet and it seems that I’ll have to wait a few weeks before they are available in the UK. It may be that I have to wait until this year’s Photography Show at the NEC in mid-March before I can handle one.

From what I can gather from the videos, photos and documentation and previews out there this is very desirable camera and it has a lot of features that are not present on my E-M1, however my E-M1 still has a better focusing system and a faster frames per second rate. I also like the native size of the E-M1, the new E-M5II may still need a grip to work nicely in my hands – this is where physically handling the camera is needed to see if the size of this camera is just right for me. I could see me adding the new OM-D (most likely in silver) to my kit as a second body, I would like a better video camera and the 40MP feature would be fun to use.

The jury is still out on the image quality for RAW photographs and we now await Abode to update Lightroom.

I have one problem and this is one that Olympus need to fix and that is the price, the body is now the same price as the E-M1 body (at least in LCE it is), so when it comes to getting my second body I will have a tough time making a decision.

Details and Reviews
You can find more detail at the UK Olympus site: http://www.olympus.co.uk/site/en/c/cameras/om_d_system_cameras/om_d/e_m5_mark_ii/index.html

DPReview already have the first look preview that can be read here: http://www.dpreview.com/previews/olympus-om-d-e-m5-ii

And there is a lot of information out there at all of the other sites too – it looks like Olympus know how to treat their pros as well as the review sites.

Olympus also announced a new PRO fisheye lens, a firmware update for my E-M1 as well as a few other nice items. Hopefully I’ll write a post about them in a few days time.

I’ll finish this post with three Youtube videos, one from The Camera Store and a couple from Jamie McDonald who is an Olympus Trailblazer in the US:

Camera Store:

Jamie McDonald’s Olympus OM-D E-M5 Mark II HANDS ON! (first look):

Jamie McDonald’s Menu Walkthrough: