Lincoln LCE Photo week thoughts

Last week was the Lincoln LCE Photo Week, I visited both stores most days of the week and during that time I spoke to most of the reps as well as the LCE staff. Here are my miscellaneous notes and thoughts from the week. Tuesday (High Street Store): I spoke to the Fuji rep first... Continue Reading →


Really Right Stuff L Plate for VG-XT1 in Stock

The long awaited Really Right Stuff (RRS) Arca-Swiss compatible L-Bracket for the Fujifilm XT-1 and VG-XT1 (battery grip) is now in stock so should be shipping soon. This is the only L-Plate for the XT-1 and Battery grip that I aware of. It really is remarkable that RRS have made the investment into producing one... Continue Reading →

Fujifilm and Arca-Swiss

In the past I have spoken about using Arca-Swiss compatible plates and tripod heads when using a tripod (or any mounting system that uses a ball-head). For the un-initiated, the Arca-Swiss system is a standard that any plate or tripod-head manufacturer can adhere to and thereby work with other manufacturer’s plates and head. For example... Continue Reading →

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